Three Knots

Three Knots is a games studio based on a shared appreciation of interactivity, discovery and beauty. We create narrative driven games that look at the way we and our world are changing today.

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Pink is an impressionistic flight experience inspired by surrealist paintings and the animations of David O’Reilly played through Oculus Go. It was created in response to the question – can we create a place of comfort somewhere between the real and imaginary that inspires awe? We want people to feel like the headset is a safe space to stay in no matter their age, proficiency with games or experience with VR.

Pink was shown at Feral Vector 2018 and will be part of an exhibition on landscapes in the near future.


In addition to our own games we have worked on a number of teaching projects, running workshops for BAFTA’s Young Game Designers Programme, Wellcome Collection’s Saturday Studios and St. Clare’s College Art in Oxford course. If you’d like to contact us in regards to our teaching work please contact us at


Three Knots was founded by Sam Browne and Josh Unsworth, who met at the National Film and Television School studying for their Masters in Games Design. The pair quickly realised that their strengths in developing games complemented each other. They were known around the school for working all the odd jobs together, from the student bar to cleaning the coffee machine, and have been working together ever since.


Josh cares about quiet spaces, the area between real/imaginary, history and its representation in games. He enjoys creating small personal games and learning new skills.

T: @Joshua_Unsworth


Sam believes in both the power of stories to bring about positive change in communities and the power of games in telling these stories. His loves include garden birds, archaic words, teaching, folklore and all things world building.

He was one of the first recipients of the Prince William Scholarship supported by Warner Bros and BAFTA and in 2017 was named as one of Develops 30 under 30 in the games industry.

He attends all manner of gamedev events where he is always more than happy to stop for a chat.

T: @_Sam_Browne